This is love!


What is love?

This is what we do together…….All the good times!

Precious and priceless!

This is love….what more can I say……..

Just to let you know, this card is one of our popular handmade cards…selling like hot dogs! Click here if you would like to check out this card.

When I asked those who bought it ‘Why do you get this card?’

They answered ‘It’s the good times and we hope our journey will have more of this good times together’.

I am speechless………what they say melt my heart.

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Have a GOOD Facebook Cover Page for your Business

Today, I would like to share valuable info on the topic Facebook Cover Page that indirectly helps small business owners that is operating a Business Page on Facebook.

Never underestimate the POWER of a Facebook Cover Page (yes the top one on your Business Page).

The result of the audience it gives your business will blow you away. This of course only applies to a good Cover Page.

Describes your Business

 A cover page should demonstrates what business that you are in and what you do. If you make handmade cards like what I do, have a cover page that shows your products.

Facebook banner left side

 Benedetta crafty 

This is another example from my other business page; B Diva Boutique

b diva boutique fb cover

 B Diva Boutique 

If anybody visits my page, they will have an idea of what this page is all about without having them clicking the About button to read the long paragraph of description.

I come across a few business page that I have to click on the About button to read a paragraph long of words and finally have an idea of what does the business do.


Have your business tagline on the Cover Page.

My tagline ‘Humor and Quirky Greeting Cards’ for Benedetta crafty is right below my brand on the Cover Page. Tagline says it all and delivers a direct message to all my visitors.

Includes happy faces of your customers 

Show all the happy faces of your customers with your product. Let everybody knows the joy from these customers with your product. Happy customers says it all.

Change your Cover Page sometimes – give something ‘fresh’ to your fans

Have a fixed cover page for your business but change it once a while whenever you have contest running, promotions, new products, reach a target number of fans and even celebrations.

 You are launching a new product range and now you need product awareness.

Haagen-Dazs cover page tells it all………


With this cover, I would be so eager to go to Haagen-Dazs to try this new product of theirs.

Reaching your target fans’ likes………..


Pringles with 20,000,000 Facebook Fans! This is something to celebrate about.

When it’s Christmas, have a Christmas cover page say three weeks before Christmas just to let your fans and anyone who stops by your page to feel the holiday season.

download (6)

Now have a play on your Facebook Cover Page, just like we did.

Get Boho with our headpiece

Hi beautiful ladies…Yes you!

We  would like to let you know that we are now having headpiece in our shop now.

  It looks something like this: simple yet elegant.

We always prefer a simple headpiece for our collection so that it does not look so extravagant on you that you might look like  a chandelier.


Boho Head Chain Jewelry. Head Chain. Boho Jewelry / $14.50 AUD

Click here to checkout .

Take a guess on who is the Boho Queen or also known as the Queen of Boho Chic?

She is a fashion designer, an author, an actress and a television personality.

Her status as a fashion impresario and an icon.

Yes……she is Nicole Richie!

Nicole-Ritchie-Fashion-Star hhouse of harlow new headpiece

Nicole Richie looking gorgeous wearing one of her own House of Harlow new design…with her hair back.

When boho queen Nicole Richie stated that

“Everyone should wear headpieces!” 

the boho trend became popular that it gets every chic wants and have a headpiece of her own.

Here is another celebrity looking hot with headpiece…..


Pia Miller wearing a beautiful head piece on Melbourne Cup Day in the Flemington Birdcage.

However, pairing an outfit with a headpiece is kinda tricky.

To achieve a formal look:

An up do hairstyle with a gown is the best match for special events and occasions. Heavy make up goes best with this image.

To achieve a casual look:

A beach hair waves with long and flowy maxi dress is the best for a casual day outing. Eye liners for the  eyes completes the look.

I am sure you do want to get Boho as well, do you?

Why do they buy my Mr & Mrs Wedding Card that I make?


Hello, beautiful people!

Today, I would like to share with you about my wedding cards over the other day at my booth.

A couple spotted this card (Mr & Mrs Wedding Card / $10.00 AUD) at my booth and said to each other……..

“We must get this card for Ashley. She loves unique & beautiful cards. And she won’t get a similar card like this”.

I love to interact and hear what my customers say bout my cards.

They make my day so so much that my adrenalin pumps like crazy.

The beauty of interacting with my customers is that we become friends. We get to know each other more personally.

With nice comments receive, I promise to myself to deliver more and variety of humor & quirky handmade greeting cards so that my customers can always give something unique enough for their friends.

Meanwhile, please checkout my Facebook page:

 where I have free contest/giveaway going on every twice a month.

You never know……you might be the lucky winner!

It’s time to honor your father

Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June.

So what do you usually do on this special day?

Best answer is to do best what your father likes.

If he likes fishing, spend a quality day with him to the bay.

If he likes to play golf, spend a day with him on the green.

If he likes exercising, change into your gym gear and get your muscles working.

And please please don’t forget to stock up some beers in the refrigerator a few days before.

Your dad probably won’t be at his 100% on Father’s Day without a carton of beer.

Lastly, but not least presents and a card for him.

Some would think a present is adequate but how are you going to send him messages?

Being traditional sometimes is the best policy.

Back to paper and pen and not the computer.

Cards……..try Benedetta crafty and not an ordinary card that you get at a gift shop. Why? Because….

You will not find a similar card like ours at the card shop. 



Our Father’s Day cards are $5.00 AUD each.

Here are my top 5 affordable presents for Father’s Day:


Mens T Shirt Father’s Day gift ~ $15.95 USD by signaturetshirts


Engraved Wood Business Card Case – personalized ~ $17.98 USD by CreativeByClair


Fathers Day Gift – Natural Beard Conditioner – Woody Scented Oil – Outdoor Guy ~ $10.00 USD by RegularGuySoap


Mens Wallet Engraved Leather Wallet Personalized ~ $29.95 USD by elegantmonogramgifts 


Personalized Engraved Pen Set Perfect ~ $21.95 USD by mrcwoodproducts

Happy Father’s Day to all father’s out there!


Why wearing Corset is good for you


Corset. Black Corset with G-String

Price: $47.80 AUD


S size: Bust: 81cm-86cm; Waist: 58cm-64cm; Hips: 86cm-91cm
M size: Bust: 86cm-94cm; Waist: 64cm-71cm; Hips: 91cm-99cm
L size: Bust: 99cm-102cm; Waist: 71cm-79cm; Hips: 99cm-104cm
XL size: Bust: 99cm-107cm; Waist: 79cm-86cm; Hips: 104cm-112cm
XXL size: Bust: 107cm-117cm; Waist: 87cm-94cm; Hips: 112cm-119cm

Checkout this item at our Dawanda shop with the link here.


Corsets are made with vertical boning, which comes in different types. 

You can achieve a convenient hour glass figure by wearing a corset for a few hours in a day.

It helps to shape your waistline and gives you back in shape that you always dream of.

Instead of sitting down being a potato couch watching the idiot box, why not wear a corset underneath your top and continue watching your favourite drama on the rectangular box.

It’s really not that difficult to achieve this with a corset. 

Good posture can be achieved with a corset while giving you full back support.

The habit of slouching and hunched shoulders tend to develop for those who are working in front of a computer or on a sewing machine/table (like me) from 9-5 pm everyday.

Slouching and hunched shoulders will lead to curved spine in long term if not taken care of seriously.

 Therefore, a corset can help to drop this ugly habit before it’s too late.  

It’s really not that difficult to achieve this with a corset. 

Drop a size down and go down a few inches! 

With a corset, size 10 can drop to size 8 or even a size 6 when you wear a corset underneath.

It’s really not that difficult to achieve this with a corset.  

There is a saying ‘Corset is a great confidence booster‘.

When you are at an amazing figure and looking at your best with the shapely new YOU, you will get back the confident look that you longed for.

It’s really not that difficult to achieve this with a corset.  

As corset is also known as a sexy lingerie, you can always spice up your relationship by having a corset in the bedroom.

I guess I do not need to elaborate further on this.

It’s really not that difficult to achieve this with a corset. 

Be in the latest trend by having at least a corset in your wardrobe.

Corsets are being paraded at the catwalk as a fashion wear statement.


Tyra Banks in a corset

It’s really not that difficult to achieve this with a corset.

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